Cellular Automata Studio

A plugin for Godot to create cellular automata in Compute shaders (GLSL).


Cellular Automata Studio is an addon for Godot Engine that enables you to write Cellular automata using Compute Shaders, for speed.


Several examples are available: test them to understand how they work and what can be done

You can also execute the Standalone scene and directly code inside it


After importing the plugin, activate it (AssetLib => Extension => Activate).

Now you can add a node called CellularAutomataStudio.

Select it.

Add your different states thanks to the Cell states property:

  • for each state, put a name then a color.
  • They now can be used in your code.

Add a Sprite2D or a TexturedRect to display your cellular automata grid:

  • then drag & drop it into the property DisplayIn of the CellularAutomataStudio property

Fill the properties init_code, exec_code and functions_code with GLSL code.

  • The init_code is called at the beginning of launch of your application
  • The exec_code is called evry frame
  • The functions_code allow you to write your own functions.