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NetBioDyn 3D

Free and Open Source IDE to simulate 3D MultiCellular Systems

  • NetBioDyn 3D is NetBioDyn with a 3D viewer for a better design of 3D simulations.
  • NetBioDyn is a software to model and simulate biological mechanisms at the cellular or molecular level.
  • It is dedicated to secondary school pupils, higher education students, teachers and professors.
  • No programming skill required.
  • Works on Windows, Mac and Linux with Java.
  • The interface is both in english and in french (fran├žais)


Latest versions of NetBioDyn 3D (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Windows 32 bits
Windows 64 bits
Mac OSX (Intel 64 bits)
Linux 32 bits
Linux 64 bits


Save the jar file netbiodyn_(os).jar in the directory of your choice (Desktop or MyDocuments for example).
You must have Java installed on your computer.


Simply double-click on the file netbiodyn_(os).jar
Otherwise, you can also right-click and select "Open With" then click on java, or type java -jar netbiodyn_(os).jar in a command line (or terminal).

Community & Forum

Join us on LeFil and meet other NetBioDyn users. Get support and examples with the NetBioDyn Group


Course + Getting start + Installation + Examples

Course 1 for NetBioDyn (in french)


Exercices (in french)


NetBioDyn used to explain the blood coagulation

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